The MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter is only 0.63" in diameter making it ideal for level monitoring in well and borehole applications. Constructed for years of trouble free service, the MBLT has a welded 316 SS body and 316 SS nose cap. Body top is also 316 SS and tapered to prevent damage or snares when pulling the unit out of the installation. Featured in the MBLT is a precision ±0.10% or ±0.25% of full scale accuracy output, better than BFSL or BSL rated outputs used by most competitors. Lightning and surge protection (not guaranteed or covered by standard warranty) is included standard to stand up in harsh applications. MBLT comes with a choice of polyether polyurethane or ETFE cable materials and all are vented for barometric pressure compensation. Vent is covered with a maintenance-free filter preventing particulate or water droplets from entering the transmitter.

The Series FBLT Submersible Level Transmitter is designed with a flush diaphragm tip that will not clog in harsh applications such as sewage lift stations. Narrow body design allows the FBLT to fit into stilling wells and narrow installations. The FBLT features a robust FKM fluoroelastomer diaphragm that is PTFE coated for a stick resistant surface that will hold up in aggressive fluids. The diaphragm cavity is filled with a gel that will not leak out versus oil or grease that our competitors use. Body is constructed of 316 SS and the cable is either polyurethane or ETFE for more corrosive applications.The unit measures the height of liquid above the position that it is mounted in a tank or pit in reference to atmospheric pressure. Ventilation tube in the cable automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure above the fluid. The vent is protected with a maintenance free filter, eliminating particulate or water droplets from entering the transmitter. For extra protection against humidity, we offer the A-297 desiccant filter that can be attached to the vent tube.The FBLT incorporates lighting and surge protection (not guaranteed or covered by warrantee) to stand up in harsh applications. Optional NPT connection allows the unit to be rigidly installed in a pipe/conduit, or to attach our A-625 hanging loop for attaching a chain for pulling out of the installation.

SBLT2和SBLTX系列 投入式液位变送器是具备有多年的制造经验的产品。它们采用液体内的相对于大气压的静压来测量液位。变送器带有压阻式传感元件密封在316不锈钢外壳内。子弹头式的设计,保护传感元件不受损坏。SBLT2采用了双重避雷科技保护,外壳接地,可避免闪电雷击。PBLTX是UL认证的本安型防爆产品可用于危险场合。带有270磅张力的铠装通气电缆,可自动补偿大气压的变化。通气孔带有过滤芯以防止灰尘或水滴进入而影响测量值。

PBLT2和PBLTX系列 投入式液位变送器是具备有多年的制造经验的产品。它们采用液体内的相对于大气压的静压来测量液位。变送器带有压阻式传感元件密封在316不锈钢外壳内。非常适合用于淤泥和废水等行业,大直径的316不锈钢隔膜密封传感器能保证不会被阻塞。PBLT2采用了双重避雷科技保护,外壳接地,可避免闪电雷击。PBLTX是UL认证的本安型防爆产品可用于危险场合。带有270磅张力的铠装通气电缆,可自动补偿大气压的变化。通气孔带有过滤芯以防止灰尘或水滴进入而影响测量值。

            表压及绝压投入式、通用型和冲洗外壳        6700 系列投入式液位变送器具有5:1量程比,并支持开关及电位器调整 。无论对于工厂或者用户,可调量程满足了高过压的应用需求。6700 系列投入式液位变送器具有坚固外壳,适应苛刻环境。Gems'™ CVD 技术传感元件带来了超强的稳定性。        应用:     工程机械 天然气装备 半导体 电厂 制冷 机器人 HVAC

            毫伏、电压和电流输出表压、绝压、真空和复合量程投入式、通用型及冲洗型外壳        通用型投入式液位变送器 2600系列投入式液位变送器具有高稳定性、高精度的特点,并提供多种外壳选件。为了满足苛刻的投入式及工业应用,2600系列投入式液位变送器提供全金属焊接电气后端,并采用经实践证明的 CVD 传感技术、ASIC 电路和模块化封装,使得传感器在不牺牲性能的前提下,可以灵活的适应不同的应用。应用:  工程机械 天然气装备 半导体 电厂 制冷 机器人 HVAC

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